Providing Insights

We Provide Insights for Clients Who Can’t Get Them from Off-the-shelf Reports or Services

We bring the world of the possible to our clients’ innovation teams; we

  • support their portfolio development
  • forge partnerships 
  • identify and prioritize opportunities

Organizations know their users, markets, and technology areas, but their reliance on internal perspectives can limit innovation.

Through interactive learning cycles, we provide clients with the market intelligence and awareness they need to make informed decisions. Our Insights for Innovation (I4I) - methodologies of structured research and synthesis - provide our clients with the direction they need to act and help them understand trends and opportunities so they can solve their toughest challenges.

One-Size Innovation Doesn’t Fit All

We tailor our services for each client so they can answer their hardest questions, such as:

  • How does the future of a particular technology inform my organization’s strategy?
  • How can I be confident we are pursuing the best alternative?
  • What can I learn from adjacent industries? The competition?
  • Who can help us solve a specific technical challenge?
  • What is the potential size of our market in one geography versus another?
  • How should we optimize our service to meet the needs of farmers in Kenya?

Our Services 

We specialize in six types of insights-driven projects. 

Forecasting and Trend Analysis  
Our analysis work helps guide organizations’ strategy and future R&D investments and gives organizations and teams a strategic advantage. The analysis allows clients to see opportunities for growth, understand and assess future threats, and identify steps they need to take now to influence future success.

Technology Landscapes
We turn strategy into tactics and determine when and how to pursue technology or monitor competition. Technology landscapes are most useful when teams are exploring early-stage opportunities or building an understanding of emerging technical domains.

Emerging Market Sizing 
We define the relative market size for new products or services in emerging markets. We help teams consider factors that will create an attractive market and identify data sources that quantify those factors or compare opportunities.

Emerging Market User Insights
We uncover user needs or collect feedback on prototypes through field interviews and direct user interactions. We build partnerships that enable us to access users worldwide and deliver the insights our clients need.

Technology Scouting
We help teams evaluate partners, competencies, technologies, and value chain players to accelerate product development and support go-to-market strategies. Once we’ve identified partner and technology options, we help select the best fit. 

Technology-Driven Market Intelligence 
We prioritize promising applications for a new technology and provide market context to guide successful technology development and ensure new products meet targeted end-users’ needs. We help teams assess user need, the window of opportunity, and market potential to ensure product or service strengths and weaknesses are identified and can be accommodated via further investment and development.