Strategic Innovation

We address two important and interrelated innovation challenges through our strategic innovation services: how to structure innovation programs and how to conduct successful front-end projects. We focus on innovation strategy development, innovation process development, and innovation capabilities development.  These actions improve your ability to complete a successful innovation journey, with our team as your guide.

Capabilities Development

We help our clients build innovation capability and capacity through an assessment of their innovation environment.  The assessment often leads to solutions such as:

  • Strategy development. We help our clients link current capabilities and business goals to emerging opportunities, customer needs, future trends, and market adjacencies.
  • Process development. We implement a proven innovation process and tools or evaluate and improve existing innovation tools and processes.
  • Capabilities development. We build and train innovation teams, design innovation structures, and governance models and identify and remove cultural barriers.

Improving the Success Rate in Front-End Projects

Our consultants have led dozens of successful front-end innovation projects in a number of industries, resulting in both incremental and disruptive new products and services.  We provide innovative solutions at any step in your front end journey, from expert foresighting and customer needs discovery to idea generation, open innovation and concept validation.  We offer our strategic innovation services to our clients in three delivery models:  we lead innovation efforts for you, partner in the effort with you or train your innovation team.

We help you improve the discipline of innovating and create better solutions.

Our Strategic Innovation Methodology

Strategic innovation services process