Your Innovation Ecosystem

Innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It occurs in a complex environment – the ecosystem – where actors across government, academia, corporations, the entrepreneurial community and small and medium enterprises interact to bring opportunities to impact.


Your innovation ecosystem  – your network of organizations and individuals – grants you access to creativity, business insight, scientific discovery, or investment capital. It’s where you turn your ideas into products, services or technologies to create economic impact, develop new capabilities or access new markets.

It’s possible for organizations to innovate alone. But we believe that the innovation journey is most impactful – and meaningful – when completed within the ecosystem. We work with clients to strengthen theirs so that they become the connective tissue that allows innovation to thrive.  

When we connect clients to their innovation ecosystems, we also solidify their competitive positions.  With an eye towards the future and we identify new and – perhaps – non-traditional ecosystem partners.

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