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Strategic Innovation

Foresighting and Scenario Planning

Does your organization need to

  • build foresight in a strategic business or technology area?
  • improve your foresighting skills, methods, and teams?
  • prepare for the future of intelligent systems?

We offer on-site foresighting workshops to facilitate strategic and portfolio planning. Our team works with your organization to visualize probable or future conditions or events, explore them and plan for them and your organization’s future.

Our Foresighting and Scenario Planning Process

Using our foresighting methodology, we identify trends and build scenarios — so that you understand emerging needs, market segments, competitive threats and other future competitive conditions. 

    Tom Culver working with clients on Foresighting


We organize your core team and key stakeholders, determine goals and objectives for futures work, and frame exploration.


We orient your cross-functional teams in the strategic domains of interest via targeted research; scan for trends and drivers; immerse your teams in the signals and drivers of change; prioritize and create a shared assessment of the key drivers impacting your organization.


We deepen your team’s insights by assessing critical uncertainties and emergent future themes; develop foresight by envisioning and co-creating alternate future scenarios; consider the implications of plausible scenarios on your company or industry; evaluate the impact on your corporate strategy and business plans.


We integrate insights, implications, and impacts to co-create a plan for action; develop short and long terms actions and activities; scan for anticipated indicators of change; take steps to shape preferred corporate futures.

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Using Foresighting for Long-Term Strategic Planning


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