Our Success Stories

We help our clients innovate by building capacity, discovering and interpreting insights, and accelerating products and technology to market.

Whether we serve as an extension of a client’s team or an objective third party, we know what produces sustainable results. We’re proud to share recent highlights of our results.

Exploring Blockchain and Intelligent Systems to Manage Food Safety

The Centers for Disease Control estimates that 48 million Americans get sick every year due to foodborne illnesses; in 2016, the related costs — medical treatment, lost productivity, death related to the illness – were approximately $55.5 bil ...


Partnering with the Gates Foundation to Solve a $6 Billion Sustainable Sanitation Challenge

When the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation wanted to address the need for improved sanitation in the developing world, they initiated the Reinvent the Toilet Challenge in 2011. According to the Gates Foundation, it is estimated that  “th ...


Landscaped Technologies to Automate Phenotyping

Our client used greenhouse and field trials to identify plant phenotyping performance; their researchers sampled plant material throughout the season. This represented a  significant investment in labor and analysis, and our client wanted to explore ...


Bringing NASA Technology from Space Antennas to Smartphones

Research scientist Anne St. Clair and her team at NASA Langley Research Center developed a family of polyimides in the form of coatings and films that, unlike conventional yellow polyimides such as Kapton®, were colorless. They were also thin, radia ...


Positioning Winfield United to Help Farmers Feed the World

Experts predict that the global population will exceed 9 billion people by 2050, an increase of almost 2 billion people based on the current population.  Feeding the future population will be a challenge because we’ll need to do so with less land ...


Ensuring Continued Market Dominance Through Technology Forecasting

The world of emerging materials is complicated and potentially endless. Large companies with complex product design and development, engineering, supply chain and manufacturing operations struggle to stay well-informed about the range of new technolo ...


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