Lawrence Blume, Ph.D.

Lawrence Blume, PhD., is passionate about collaborative partnerships that bring innovative solutions to challenging research and development roadblocks. A lead advisor for our food science and biotechnology innovation, Lawrence brings extensive experience leading technology-focused opportunity forecasts in support of competitive advantage, product differentiation, and commercialization strategies for C-level executives at companies ranging from early startups to Fortune 500s. He’s helped life science, food & beverage and consumer goods companies develop technical insights and business models that unlock and yield disruptive innovation in core products and markets

Over the last decade, Dr. Blume has applied his background in cannabis physiology and pharmacology towards novel commercial applications in the medical, CPG, and food and beverage spaces. Previously Lawrence worked in academic technology transfer and early-stage life science investment funding to support commercialization and growth of emerging technologies and companies. He received a Ph.D. in Physiology & Pharmacology from Wake Forest School of Medicine and a B.S. in Biology with a minor in Biochemistry from Duquesne University.



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Jeffrey Phillips from our Strategic Innovation team will be speaking on innovation structures and governance at the IRI meeting in September 2018 and will publish a paper and a presentation on this topic shortly. Contact Innovation Advisors for more information about setting up the best innovation structures and creating the governance that helps your teams succeed.

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