Successful Innovation in Natural Consumer Products

The natural product trend is accelerating and will affect every consumer product. Are you ready?

Will your team be able to find the enabling technologies that will help you develop natural products and grow your market share?

Or will you be disrupted by other players that find and start using new ingredients or processes first?

Whether this is your first time developing natural products or you have done it 10 times over, we offer recommendations to ensure you find the ingredients, processes, or other enabling technologies that you need to develop new natural products – and succeed.

This last bit – different expectations and goals – means that each innovation structure may have different governance. We define governance as the expected goals, staffing, resources, risk tolerance, budget and measures that the sponsor or executive who founded the team or activity has established. Most corporate activities have some form of governance to ensure the effort is within scope, stays on track and spends resources appropriately.

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About the author

Cary Strickland brings to our clients his extensive experience helping product development teams find the right partners, assess technology options, or evaluate their competition for developed and emerging markets. He has expertise in technology scouting, landscaping and evaluation, market opportunity analysis, and technology-inspired ideation and human-centered design. He has managed projects in infrastructure and construction, industrial coatings and chemicals, food, and packaging; his international experience includes Japan, Saudi Arabia, and the Philippines. When not musing on innovation excellence he plays guitar and bass. Cary has an M.E.M. in Engineering Management from Duke University, a B.S. in Chemical Engineering, and a B.S. in Paper Science Engineering from North Carolina State University.

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